Nail Size Guide

Need help finding your specific nail size?
Have a look at the size guides below to find your match. 


  • The most accurate nail measuring method is use tape over your nail, mark the edges of your cuticles on each side and use the piece of tape against a ruler or measuring tape to get the exact width. You can watch this video tutorial here.
  • Alternatively, you can also just measure the width of your nail, from one cuticle end to the other.
  • The order of the sizing numbers (0-9) does not correspond exactly to the order of your finger nail sizes.
    •  For example: Sizes 0 to 4 do not equal to 0 for thumb, 1 for index finger, 2 for middle finger, 3 for ring finger and 4 for pinky finger.
  • Thumb and pinky nails will be provided in an additional alternative size in your nail set.
  • The index, middle and ring finger nails tend to be similar in size and sometimes even interchangeable.


Short Nail Length: 1.5cm 
Long Nail Length: 2-2.5cm
Extra Long Nail Length: 2.5cm and up